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fine tuning Tracker to get the correct status

Hello Andy,

Please consider this as a suggestion to improve the tracker.

I am currently in the MFE admission process for fall-2017 and Tracker has been very helpful for me.
However, I feel that it need a little change in-order to get correct "Avg.Time" for tracking different application.

How about, we add one more date & status column saying "UnderReview" or "Application Completed Date".
This column should show the date on which all the requirements/checklist of the application are fulfilled and and application is moved to particular department for review.

The reason for this date is, in many of my applications I have experienced that it takes around 1-2-3 weeks after I submit the application to move it for review. (In NYU-Poly case, it has been 1 month and still has not moved to under review state :D).
For others who have already sent GRE/TOEFL/Transcript details well before the application submission date, may have this status moved to under review within couple of days.

So adding this date might help in correctly depicting the tracker.
However, this might act a burden to the person who enters the details in Tracker, as he/she has to enter one more column.