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Fixed Income Trading Simulation - Beta test Monday May 14 12:45-2:00pm


Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center
I am going to be doing a test of a new Fixed Income trading simulation
this Monday May 14 starting at 12:45pm at the Wasserman Trading Floor /
Subotnick Center. I am inviting all Baruch students who are interested to
participate. (To those non-Baruch students who are reading this, I am sorry
I can not accommodate you for this event).

For those of you who participated in the equity trading simulation a few
weeks ago, this session will be somewhat similar only we will be trading
a portfolio of fixed income instruments.

Please send me a private message or follow up to this post if you will be
able to attend.


Prof. H.
Richard Holowczak, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Director, Subotnick Financial Services Center
Baruch College, City University of New York (Box H125)
1 Bernard Baruch Way
New York, NY 10010
Web: http://cisnet.baruch.cuny.edu/holowczak/


Older and Wiser
Thanks Prof. H for the opportunity but could we do it off hours again? Some of us work full time :(.


Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center
Folks:I understand many of you work full-time. Unfortunately with myteaching and lecturing schedule I just can't fit this in any other time.sorry about thatCheers,Prof .H.
Can we have this off hours? Like Alain & Bridgett I'm working full-time but would love to come.