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Flexible quant finance programs - Want to gear towards machine learning


I wanted to pursue further education in finance and also be able to establish something of my own. I searched the course contents of several finance programs but could not find much flexibility in terms of courses. Also I wanted to complete few courses in computer science like machine learning, large scale information systems. So wanted to check with members which program both MFE and M.Fin they think is flexible enough to pursue this.

I have good programming skills in couple of languages and decent experience building large scale systems in finance domain.

Columbia has good machine learning courses but they are not part of the "official" curriculum (nonetheless you will find many MFE students in the class and you will have the opportunity to work on projects that utilize machine learning techniques in finance context).

I would be very surprised if Stanford didn't have a machine learning course in their curriculum (esp. given that Stanford/CMU are in top 3 for machine learning research).
Thanks John, DMX and Amanda. I went through the curriculms of both Baruch and CMU. Dont think CMU has much flexibility in choosing courses. I will checkout Stanford course further.

Just wanted to know does Master in CS along with some finance and stats have the same oppurtunites as quant finance guys. I am looking more towards high frequency finance and quant asset management type of roles.