COMPARE Fordham MQF or Cass MQF ?


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my Gpa 3.3
Gre Q: 164

I recently got admitted to both Cass Master in Quant. Finance and Fordham MQF.
Could you gently advise me about which of the two you'd prefer and why ?
(Without Considering Locations, i am indifferent between London and NYC)

- also, can you suggest me some other quant course i should apply ?
(considering : BA Economics & Finance - Gpa=3.3 - Gre Q=162 - two internships (10 months) - 4 yrs volunteering)

thank you very much

Berk Torun

Overall I think Cass is better. In UK it is 5th best after Oxbridge, Imperial and LSE. Can't really say that about Fordham. If you choose Fordham, you will be facing intense competition from Columbia, NYU, Baruch, Cornell, Rutgers, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon and also numerous good colleges outside NYC such as MIT, Yale, Boston, Chicago, Georgia Tech all of which have a better reputation than Fordham. Cass is also a lot cheaper and shorter in duration. Though therefore it lacks content because you would be taking less courses than you would at Fordham. But I don't think that is your concern.

However if you have no work permit for UK, just forget studying in UK. It is incredibly hard, much harder than in NYC to find jobs in London without a work permit. A European from a far worse school can outcompete you.

As I said there are many schools which are better than Fordham but NYC job market is also much larger. You can find a full-time quantitative position in Big4 (EY, Deloitte, Pwc, KPMG). If you network well, you might find an even better job.

An alternative to Fordham could be moving to less popular areas. Chicago, despite being not large as NYC in terms of employment opportunities, is still huge. Try University of Illinois and UIUC there. You might consider Canada which is more immigrant friendly. University of Toronto is hard to get into but you might try Waterloo. Normally I would suggest University of Washington but its popularity boomed lately.

Before enrolling to a college, try to find their alumni in LinkedIn. That way you can understand whether their undergrad, their PhD, their GRE score, their work experience or their current graduate degree contributed most to their success. Each school is trying to hide their vulnerabilities. Best way to find out is analyzing background and current status of alumni and also asking them about their opinions.

Good luck


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hi, congratulations first!
And I want to know when did you submit your application? When was your interview invitation? I have no news since December


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Hi eulman! I've got a conditional offer for the Msc in Quant Finance at Cass too. Did you go for it?



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Italy, Catholic University of Sacred Heart. Finishing my english taught bachelor in economics... Gpa:27/30 (no gre, no gmat. In italy the university is very though per se...)
I've secured my place at Cass... Email me ( for any question and... See u in september.


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Hi Alb i am italian too :)
io ho fatto il GRE 163 e Gpa 27/30; sono di Roma ed ho anche io fatto il deposito ;)
Che master hai scelto ?


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Studio alla Luiss Guido Carli e ho scelto Msc Math Trading & Finance in Cass.
Ma te provi anche Boccini o vai diretto in Cass ?


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Dato che ho studiato in inglese per 3 anni ormai avrebbe poco senso rimanere in italia a studiare in inglese ancora per altri 2 anni... Quindi niente mete italiane. Hai chiesto di cambiare da quant finance a math trading? Come mai?


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No non ho cambiato. Avevo scelto math trading dal inizio. Ho aperto il tread con Quant per semplificare il paragone ma tanto cambiano due esami tra i due masters e gli optional sono quasi gli stessi. L unica pecca che ha la Cass secondo me è che non si usa C++ ma VBA.
Te che ne pensi ?