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Frankfurt School of Finance and Management: experiences?

Hello everybody,

has any of you attendend this school to get the M.Sc in Quantitative Finance? I'm looking for a Master over this subject, part time and in Germany (I cannot afford to quit my job) and it seems really the only option I can have in this country.

I thank you in advance.

Best regards,

These are the key points of the program:


Among others, faculty includes Jan Vecer and Uwe Wystup, both of whom have PhDs in Mathematical Finance under Steven Shreve @ Carnegie Mellon.


Jan Vecer (2000)
Options on a Traded Account
Advisor: Steven Shreve
Entry Position: Visiting Assistant Prof., Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Uwe Wystup (1998)
Valuation of Exotic Options under Short-selling Constraints
Advisor: Steven Shreve
Entry Position: Product and Modeling Specialist, Foreign Exchange Options Div., Sal.Oppenheim Jr. & CIE, Germany



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