French MFE Programs

If you want to do an MFE in french while in North America, you might want to consider HEC Montreal's MFE. Its taught in French, and Canadian banks gobble up grads from that program like candy. (MFE @ EFPL) - if understand "French MFE taught in English" right.
It is Swiss, not French. The best MFE in Switzerland comes from ETH (Einstein was there) and is extremely popular.

In France, there is the Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance offered by Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris; even if they have a course on asset pricing in the derivative market, it is more a master in Finance than an MFE.
I just read an interview with French education minister. Pretty interesting stuff

But we also had to rebuild the system by uniting universities and grandes écoles — on a territorial basis. Because we had no brand names seen by the rest of the world.

Q. What about the École Polytechnique?

A. O.K. Name another one.

Q. HEC, Essec, École Normale, École Practique ...

A. Yes, but they are very small. And grandes écoles, not universities.


French Student
What the government intent to do is good (reuniting grandes ecoles and universities). And asking private institutions to invest in those universities is definitely a good thing : that means more professors, better infrastructures and better reputation.