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From Academy to Quant research

Wow, that's interesting. It's possible that I will need that book at some point.

What do you think of companies such as "Into City Prep"? They offer a paid internship (in the sense that I need to pay them) and guarantee I will find a job after that. It is worth mentioning that they were among the fastest in replying to my application :D
Paid-for internships such as this one or Amplify Trading can even be a negative as they are a signal that you didn't make it into a “normal” (read: competitive) internship.
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I had my first oral interview yesterday and I think it was good. This is for an internship position. But... I still think that at some point something is going to be wrong. How realistic is to be hired for £120.000 in London?
If we already know that it's almost impossible, I hope to do an internship at some banks instead.