From Finance to Quantitative Finance

Danut Alexandru

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I will soon graduate with a degree in Finance and Investments and I would like to go to University of Glasgow to study MSc. Quantitative Finance. I do not necessarily want to be a quant trader or other things like that, but I have really enjoyed the numerical modules in my undergraduate degree and it is a personal interest. (affordable and combines programming with finance)

Now. The problem is I am not amazing at math because I did not have the opportunity to study in depth this subject at A-levels or undergraduate level (things like integration, differentiation, advanced probs, advanced algebra) but I am really keen to learn it and I would do everything to be able to switch to a more quantitative career. My degree included some modules in derivatives, international finance, investment analysis and portfolio management but the maths was really easy (just replacing things in a formula). I need to know if there is anyone who studied MSc. Quantitative Finance at Glasgow or any other uni who could tell me what level of maths is required and if I could learn it in 6-7 months at least to do well in the course not exceptionally.

I am interested in a PhD in the same area (quantitative finance, financial engineering etc.)

Thank you!


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Hey Alex,

I was in the same boat with you 2 years ago. I took steps to enroll in mathematics and programming classes online. Now I got admitted to Imperial RMFE although it may not be a very prestigious program. Anyway, I still haven't enrolled yet so I can't tell you if the program will be too hard for me or not.

What I can advise you for now is that if you really want to go down this route, you really have to take more math classes from somewhere and it will take at least a year I believe. However, if you are still in the university, this should be fine. You can just take more classes easily.

Anyway, that's all I can think of now. If you want to ask more, just do so.