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From hedge fund to hedge fund

Hi all,

Just some background information:
  • Bachelor in Maths and Masters in Mathematical Finance in UK, (Oxbridge/Imperial with 1st class honour), graduated 2 years ago
  • 1-2 years experience as quant trader in a small, no-name hedge fund
  • Working on whole life cycle of strategies, eg idea generation, quant research / backtest in Matlab, implementation in c++, 'supervise' the algo
  • Intraday to mid frequency in stat arb equities, around 1-5 million USD a year, depends on market
  • No individual PnL track record since trading is done in a collaborative team effort.
My fund is currently giving me a low salary, around 30% discount on market rate...I joined at the beginning because I am after experience not pay, and longer term benefits (growth, climb up the ranks, compensation). However, the recent performance of the fund is very poor due to other strategies that I am not responsible of, and continuous outflow in AUM, which implies a very low chance of bonuses this year. Further, poor management and business decision at the top are limiting long term prospects.

My question is, given my background, whats the likelihood of jumping to another hedge fund? I am not looking for big brand name places such as Citadel, Millennium etc, but rather small to mid size fund which has more freedom in work and growth opportunities.

I am a bit worried about job hunting because the fund I am currently working in is small with zero brand name, and I have no pnl track record to leverage or show to other funds.

Sorry for the long post, and any advice is much appreciated.
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