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FSU Industrial Engineer senior trying to get into a MFE

hey guys, I want to know if I have any chance of getting into any top (top 20 maybe) MFE program.
I'm a senior Industrial Engineer at FSU with 3.3 overall gpa and 3.7 engineering gpa.
I plan to apply to grad school in fall and I'm confident that I will get a 310+ in my GRE.

Some schools I have in mind are:
U of waterloo
U of toronto
UNC Charlotte
Stony Brook

PD: I don't have money to pay for expensive schools and I'm saying MFE program but I'm considering Finan Math or Quant Fin as well.
More than the programs itself, the branding of the school matters. For instance, an NYU Comp Sc graduate will have an advantage over you for the same MFE job even though he/she has taken no Fin Engg courses. Except Toronto & Baruch the rest are rubbish. The lower you go on the rankings the more incompetent the placement cell gets, there's a reason the rankings are arranged that way which essentially is employability.