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GaTech QCF GATech QCF Fall 2021 Standard Round

Can we assume reject if we haven't heard anything back ??
I wouldn't assume anything. I have seen very few people get admits here. Almost all of them were people who submitted applications before the 15th Jan deadline. I just do not get the general sense that given their final deadline was 15th March, they would give out all the admits out so soon.
Can we assume reject if we haven't heard anything back ??
Based on the tracker the average time from application submission to offer is about 90 days or 3 months. Everyone who has been given an offer has also applied before the standard deadline as darthvader said.
Hi, does anyone know if Gatech offers MS CS by way of electives while you are doing MS QCF. I see some discussion around this in 2019 posts. Wondering if this is offered by Gatech