general comments on MFEs in buy side mag

I'm going to post the comment I left on that article's page

You may want to correct that Wendell Collins is a she, not he.

The article's title is a bit misleading as the type of "master programs" discussed is not the general "master of finance" programs that have been around for a while, but rather master of financial engineering (MFE), mathematical finance, financial mathematic and its close quantitative siblings.

While the Princeton program is used as an example of MFin vs MBA comparison, it should be noted that Princeton is unique in the MFin category since it is very quantitative in nature.

And quoting IAFE's listing only goes to show you aren't comparing MFin vs MBA since the IAFE lists mostly MFE programs.

It's not easy getting it right in this very niche education field. But it's worth doing so when helping people make a life time career choice.