GaTech QCF Georgia TECH QCF Interview


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Hey everyone ,

I just received an interview invite to QCF GATECH ... Anyone else in the same boat (because I see in the tracker that many have got admits without interview.)

If anyone has had interview , Please post the type (behavioral and/or Technical ) and any specific questions that I can expect ...

Thanks in advance.


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I'm in same boat. GaTech invited me too but not provided a specific time.
I'm not sure what's the type of this interview.
Someone help...


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In the same boat. They said they will be contacting me via email shortly, haven't heard from them yet.


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Did you guys get result of the interview? They said to me that results will be out in 1 or 2 weeks.

Pinak Mishra

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Just got an interview invite...what kind of questions are they asking and how long does the interview last?