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COMPARE Georgia Tech QCF vs Columbia MAFN

Georgia Tech QCF vs Columbia MAFN

  • Gatech QCF

  • Columbia MAFN

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Junping Chen

Active Member
Hi, I just got adimission from these two schools and it is now the time to make a choice.
Since I am an international student and my goal is to work in US for few years after graduation, I really care about the placement for this two program.
For Georgia Tech, I really appreciate the placement rate for the previous years, alost all student could find a job in US. Another advantage is its tuition and living expense is much cheaper compare to Columbia.
For MAFN at Columbia, according to the data from QUANTNET, its placement seems not that good. But Columbia still has its big name.
I am sort of confused now so I hope if someone could give me some advice and info especially info about MAFN placement. Thank you!