Georgia Tech QCF

Yes we did apply Andy but the adcoms asked that as they are late this year in sending decisions are we still interested in the program or not.
I see. So just gauging your interest and intention. Here is how my logic goes, you can apply it where applicable.
If you applied elsewhere and already got results, you should know by now where you will go unless GA is your top choice or you have no other admit.
If you already make up your mind going elsewhere, there is no reason to admit you since it will lower my yield rate.
Offer to 100 people and getting 80% yield rate is better than 50%. Yield is the rate of people joining your program over those you offer admission to.

I have no offers, and probably this could be the only offer. Initially applied to this as "just in case", but now looking forward to the result.

Somya- how do you know that not everyone received it? Through friends? When did you receive it? I believe you already have offers from somewhere (CMU?)
I have one offer - columbia mathfin but not sure about joining it. I have some of my friends who are from IITs but they haven't received the mail.
I have one offer - columbia mathfin but not sure about joining it. I have some of my friends who are from IITs but they haven't received the mail.
I see, thanks.

I am not sure whether to be excited about an offer from Georgia Tech, if I receive one. My present salary in a 3rd world country is nearly the same as G.Tech QCF's average total compensation after graduation in the US.
Well I don't see much difference in the avg. total compensation among Georgia Tech, NYU and Columbia. Gatech is a well reputed university in US. If you go by ROI I think Gatech is best among these (half the fees of Ivy Leagues). Also their program director is very helpful to students in getting jobs. Apart from that Gatech is known for it's academics. I really like their curriculum. The only disadvantage you have is location and you will have to work very hard to bag a good job but if you have a strong past work experience, I don't think that would be a problem. For me the most important criteria is not salary. I want to attend a program which offers me an excellent learning opportunity. If I get a job which offers me a good work experience but not a very good salary, I will take that and would like to learn as much as i can through it and then further enhance my career. For me, pursuing graduate studies in Quant Finance is not related to getting a high paid job.
That's great. I have been in the Investment Industry for long to understand that money drives it, learning doesn't. I know more than certain colleagues, has no effect. They get promoted, they are rewarded, they become your manager, and tell you what to do, and then whatever you have learnt or plan to learn takes a back seat, you are forced to do what your manager wants you to do. This was in a bank though. Buy side is better, but risky, very risky affair indeed.


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I received an email telling me that they could not hear my voice in the video interview and asked me to recored it again. They also asked me to notify them if I was no longer interested so that they could drop my name out of the list.
Anyone who's been admitted to Georgia tech and planning to go there? I received an admit yesterday from Georgia tech and have an admit from UWash so wanted to discuss the pros and cons of both the programs. What do you guys think about these programs?