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Getting a job in the US with foreign PhD


New Member
Looking for some advice...

I’m getting ready to submit my PhD dissertation at a university in Israel - not one of the renowned names. My focus is applied mathematics, specifically financial mathematics & deep learning.

My question is what’s the best way to transition to the US job market with a foreign degree? I have a green card as my wife is American.

It will be at least another year or so until I’m called in to defend my dissertation. Right before the PhD I also got the MSc in financial mathematics from the same university in Israel and earlier I got a BBA in accounting (from another school also in Israel). I have 5ish years work experience with data analysis (SQL, Excel) as an accountant in Israel and can code in C++.

What’s the best way to transition? Do banks, hedge funds etc hire people with foreign degrees for entry level jobs? Are there some that are more open to doing so than others? Should I use recruiters or go at it alone?

Thanks in advance.