Getting B- grade in a relevant course european universities

Hello people. I am currently taking a financial engineering course in my bachelors but due to medical issues I had to take the first midterm exam with pharyngitis and I had a bad score. It is not that I did not understand the concepts but it was just an unlucky situation for me. I wonder how this affects my application process. I will probably and up with a B- grade. All my other relevant courses are better than B+ so I don't have any problems with calculus,probabilities, algebra,differentials, econometrics and python and if it is revelant my microeconomic theory and macroeconomic theory courses are all A (includes many calculus). I took R, MATLAB and Python courses they are mix of B+/A-. Moreover, I took Accounting, Corporate finance and Risk Management (hedging with derivatives) courses and got A- all of them. I have a CGPA of 3.60 and am planing to apply for ETH or EPFL at the following year. Is this "B-" in the financial engineering course compensatable?
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