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Getting Started on the Options Primer Online Certificate


Baruch MFE Director
Getting Started on the Intuition-Based Options Primer for FE certificate

Thank you for joining our online Intuition-Based Options Primer certificate. You will receive a private message in your inbox from your Teaching Assistant (TA) shortly after your enrollment. In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with different sections in our online course.

Is there a time limit to complete each level of the course?
There is no time limit to complete any individual level (just the 12-week limit to complete the entire course). Counter will inform you on the remaining overall time you have to complete the course.

How do I learn the material?
Under Intuition-Based Options Primer certificate menu, there is a forum for each Level (1-6), which includes the video lecture and reading material for that level (divided into sections). Level 1 has 7 sections so you will see forums 1.1 to 1.7. Within each level, each section has a quiz that you have to pass in order to unlock the material for the next section. The Quiz can be re-taken as many times as needed in order to pass it, although each time you re-take it, questions will not be the same. The last section of each level also contains the homework for that whole level, as well as a homework sample (with solutions) which should provide further guidance for solving the homework. The homework and quiz for each level have to be completed and graded before you can unlock the material for the next level. We will provide feedback to you on each homework. Feedback turnaround time is 24-48 hours. Solutions for homeworks will not be provided (unlike with homework samples). Level 6 will contain information on the final exam that you can unlock only once you have completed homeworks for all the previous levels.

To whom do I ask questions on the lectures or exercises?
See How to Effectively Use the Course Forum for details.


In summary:
If you have any questions regarding the lectures, material, quizzes or homeworks, you can post in a public thread under the correct level. You can create a new thread, or post under an existing thread. Question threads are prefixed by the section (i.e. 1.3, 1.4, 1.5); be sure to PREFIX your new thread with the correct section. Always check the threads under your level/section to see if anyone else has encountered a similar issue prior to you. Many issues that come up have been solved in the past, and you will save time this way. For your convenience, you can filter by clicking the icon for the section you wish to view threads for.

You are strongly encouraged NOT to PM your TA or post questions under DROPBOX, as it will inhibit other students/TA's from responding to your question in a timely fashion. You should tag your TA in the public posting (as explained above), to let him/her know that you posted a question.

How do I submit HW?
Please read Instructions on Homework Submission.
Note that your threads under DROPBOX are not viewable by other students.

Should I wait for the homework feedback from TA before moving on to the next level?
A good approach would be: Submit the homework, get access to the next level, download the materials, and watch the video lectures. Once your TA gets back with comments, you can see what you need to improve on. Then do the next level HW; you do not want to repeat mistakes so it is good to account for your TA's suggestions in the new HW.

How do I check my grades?
Students will be able to check their grades here: https://quantnet.com/options-quiz/. They will see 'HW Average Grade' for each level, which they can then click on and see each individual exercise grade. You will receive one overall grade for the final exam (not a grade for each exercise on the final exam).

How do I contact my TA?
You can contact your TA under Quantnet PM, or by any other means he/she provides you. Additionally, your TA will be notified anytime you tag them in a posting (you tag by putting the @ symbol before the screen name).

Did you encounter a typo or error in any of the reading materials?
Use the Errata thread to post any error or typo you may have found.

How do I take the final exam?
The final examination will consist of a timed 30-minute Skype session. Course policy is that all students must have their webcam switched on throughout the exam so that the TA can ensure that there is no collaboration. The exam commences when the Skype session begins, and completes when the student either completes all the questions or 30 minutes, whichever comes first. The Skype ID for the final exam is IntuiQuantnetTA.

At the beginning of the examination, the TA will upload question files via Skype IM. The student may NOT ask ANY questions (relating to the exam) during the course of the exam. The student will type in the solutions via Skype IM. The student will be allowed to answer the questions in any order.

TA cannot provide feedback on any responses during the examination. Students will receive their grade within 24 hours of completing the examination, along with steps on how to receive the certificate (if eligible). TA will send you a .pdf copy of the certificate (if eligible) as soon as it is generated -- usually within a day or two after completion. The physical copy will be mailed out shortly after.

You will receive a PM from your TA asking for your available dates/times for the final exam, so that we may find a mutually good time. Additionally, you will have to provide your Skype ID for the exam. Final exam can be taken only once.

What is the grading policy for the course?

How do we confirm your identity?
Upon starting the course, you will receive a PM from your TA asking you to upload a copy of identification (such as driving license), which should have your full name (the same name that you'd like to appear on your certificate) and your photo. This will also be used to verify who you are during the Skype-based final exam. You may either reply to this message with the file, or upload it in tandem with your first HW submission. Academic honesty is taken very seriously in all our endeavors. Please read the Academic Integrity Policy
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