GENERAL Getting Started Quickly in Visual Studio Community 2017 (Barney-Style)


C++ Student
I struggled getting up and running in this course so I thought I'd compile a quick little tutorial to get you cooking.

First, Download Visual Studio Community 2017 (Download Current as of 10FEB19).

Once downloaded and installed, run the Visual Studio Installer and modify the installation. (Example 1)


Add those to your installation so that you have the correct libraries to get started.

Now, you need to create a project. A project will be created for each homework problem.
Open up Visual Studio Community and click File/New/Project. (Example 2 #1)
In the following window ensure you have Visual C++ available. If not, you didn't install the appropriate libraries. Click Windows Desktop followed by Windows Desktop Wizard. Then Click Browse to set your project path.


In Example 3, understand how the path is setup for my homework. The Level and the Section were created by me. Visual Studio will create the Exercise folder and place the files in there.


In Example 4, name the project and click OK to create the project.


Example 5, Ensure that you click the Empty Project box.

Now lets create the .C file. Click File/New/File. (Example 6 #6)
Ensure that you have Visual C++ and the C++ File highlighted and then click OK (Example 6 #7)


Now its time to save that source file in the appropriate format. (Example 7)


Now, move the source file into your project. (Example 8)


Now you're ready to start your Exercise. Enjoy!
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