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Getting Started with Bloomberg in the Wasserman Trading Floor


Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center
In addition to the Trading Floor / Subotnick Center resources I mentioned in my prior post (https://www.quantnet.com/threads/resources-at-baruchs-wasserman-trading-floor-subotnick-center.414/). I wanted to say a few more words about access to Bloomberg.

We have two Bloomberg terminals. One is for general student use and the other is in the lectern for presentation purposes. The terminal for student use is a "full" subscription so it has everything that the top of the line service provides. This includes access to the API and integration with Excel.

I have posted a set of PowerPoint slides on the Center's Blackboard site (see prior post) that we use when we do the Intro to Bloomberg workshop.

One item of interest is the Bloomberg Certification program. This is described in the slides. The Certification program has a series of mini-courses (Getting started, Launchpad, BB API, equities, fixed income, derivatives, etc. about 20 in all) that you can take by either viewing multimedia presentations, following a printed guide or by attending a free Bloomberg training session at their headquarters. After finishing the mini-course, you can then take an exam. Pass exams for 8 courses and you obtain the certification.

While I am not a fan of certifications as credentials in general, I do see the merits of following this path as a way to force oneself to become familiar with the basic concepts and tools.

As I tell my audience when I present these materials: Having the certification is not the same as knowing the finance and the theory that underly the different screens. So it is unlikely that brandishing the certification will gain you much during a job interview.

Having said that, spending a few hours getting your hands on the machine can't hurt.


Prof. H.


Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center
There is no sign-up sheet for now. However if you come in and someone is hogging the machine let me or one of the assistants know. We have never had any issues with contention for the machine and everyone so far has been very polite and conscientious if others are waiting.


Prof. H.
Prof. H, thank you for the info. I did actually download the instruction and used the Bloomberg terminal already. They really help me since I am using data from Bloomberg everyday at work now. And students can also register for a navigation seminar holding in Bloomberg building through the terminal at trading center.