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Getting started with C++ Windows UI


Need a little guidance from the community here. I am trying to learn to create windows applications on top of the some existing code (option pricing basics in the C++ FE course) and also at some point use streaming live prices for spot.

Could someone kindly point me to the right direction for start with Windows UI programming with C++ (like window objects, text entry boxes, buttons etc)

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
This is a whole area in itself. What kinds of applications do you want to make?

In the old days MFC was king but things have moved to frameworks in C++/CLI and C#.

Last time I looked WPF seems the standard

Anyways, this hopefully will get you started.

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Thank you! I just wanted to play around and see how to create an windows application rather than have console output. Plan to use the option exact pricer code to use inputs from the user with text boxes etc. Just a hobby thing!

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
You're welcome!
A very and yugely famous UI is Excel and the best IMO is Excel-DNA which is very popular.

Then you can put your C++ code (e.g. from course) into C++/CLI and create addons on Excel-DNA. It is better than WPF in this case.

It would a great project both for pleasure and for business :)