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Getting started with TradeStation at the Wasserman Trading Floor / Subotnick Center


Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center
(Sorry for all of the posts. Have been meaning to spread the word for some time about these resources...)

In a number of posts folks have mentioned technical analysis and back-testing of trading strategies. The software from TradeStation is one of the leaders in the market at these tasks (www.tradestation.com).

While there are a large number of software packages (even free web sites) that offer technical analysis tools, few are as comprehensive as what TradeStation offers. The basic software has over 100 different technical indicators and "studies" that can be applied to equities, futures, options and currencies.

From these studies, it is a straight foward process to create a strategy that generates rules as to when to buy and when to sell. Strategies can then be back-tested against 20+ years of historical data with reports indicating overall performance, drawdown, etc. They can also be turned in to automated trading rules to actually buy and sell (although we do not have this auto-ex capability with our demo accounts).

TradeStation then takes this whole process one step further and provides a macro language (called EasyLanguage) that can be used to automate testing dozens of strategies against dozens of different instruments.

The on-line help and tutorials they provide are fairly comprehensive and I also have a few copies of the manuals they use during their training classes if you are interested in taking a look.

If there is sufficient demand, we will consider adding a workshop (as we have for Reuters) so that we can get larger groups up to speed on these tools.


Prof. H.
(Sorry for all of the posts. Have been meaning to spread the word for some time about these resources...)
Prof. H
We are very grateful for your time and help. Indeed, we haven't srcathed the surface of the vast amount of resource at Baruch and I'm determined to change that.
By posting here, you have introduced the various resources at Wasserman trading floor to a wider audience (practitioners, prospective students, current students) all over the world. It also definitely gives us some extra boost to go there and use the tools available.
Thanks again.