GRE General Test vs GRE Math Subject Test


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Hi All,

I took GRE General Test 4 years ago. My scores from the test are, Quantitative: 800/94th Percentile, Analytical: 720/85th Percentile, Verbal: 340/14th Percentile. I know my Verbal score needs improvement so bad however I am not keen on memorizing a dictionary:( I hope my TOEFL score makes the magic here. I am retaking it next month.

Currently I am working on GRE Math Subject Test in order to increase my chance of admission. However since I have Computer Science background, I did not take all the courses included in the exam such as real analysis and the like. For that reason, I think it is realistic to say that I will not able to get a score closer to a perfect score. One other thing is I am planning to take the test by December and scores will be ready by January. I am also worried it will be kind of late.

I wanted to get opinion here. What do you think on the relative weights of GRE Verbal score to Math Subject Test.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you both for your responses. For now I will focus on TOEFL and try to do my best there.

By the way, I read some of the posts in the forums. People seemed very friendly and helpful. I am definitely going to apply Baruch.

Thanks again for the help.



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Unless you are sure you will get a respectable score, do not take the GRE Math Subject test.

A good TOEFL score could trump the poor GRE score, indeed.

Yan He

your quant score in your GRE is impressive enough...if you are targeting baruch, the best way is to set up an appointment with Prof. Stefenica such that he can get of shot of your basic qualification. Good luck.

GRE verbal is tough...try improve it.