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Dear QuantNet Community,

I have a GRE result of 156 for Verbal, 170 for Quant, and 4.5 for AWA. The schools I am applying are MIT Mfin, Oxford MFE etc. Given other parts of application are decent, how do you think should I retake the GRE? Low verbal score frightens me

Thank you very much!


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I don’t think anyone gives a shit about verbal. I got 170 verbal, and people from 2 programs laughed at me when I told them. That said, might be worth a shot.


Man your scores a great. I got into MIT MFin with 170Q and 153V. You should spend the rest of your time in other parts of your application.


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Seems enough, can focus on improving other aspects.
Only retake if having nothing else to do lol