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GRE Subject Maths 72% Should I submit

Hello, I am applying to MFE programs (CMU, Cornell, Chicago, Columbia). I have received 72% in GRE Subject maths test. I have a question, should I submit these scores or would they harm my application?
My undergraduate maths scores are average, hence I took the subject maths test.
The help would be really appreciated, thank you.
Thank you @YangXu . So if I have already opted for ScoreSelect in GRE but I do not specify in my application, would that ensure that my marks are not considered?

a. i agree with @YangXu, you shouldn't send your score

b. iirc you send your gre scores to a school/department not to a specific program

c. the program's adcom will only consider what you submit in your application

d. no point crying over spilt milk. you've already sent the score, in the highly unlikely scenario that the adcom somehow finds your score and matches it to your application, there's nothing you can do about it