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Hard times in adult entertainment

At Russia Today:

Randi Newton grew up in Nebraska, went to college, left college, and became an assistant financial analyst at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Then, some years later, she left become a professional dancer – stripper – at a place called “Rick’s Cabaret.”

For Randi, adult entertainment offers better pay and better hours than finance. Now, known as the “Wall Street Stripper,” she feels that her choice was the absolute right decision.

As a result of the bad economy, strip joints are seeing an uptick in job applications. Now the women who apply are likely to come with an impressive resume attached.

Judging from this piece, it's conceivable that in the future strippers may need exposure to stochastic calculus and time series methods. An MFE may become par for the course.
"I'm sorry ma'am, but we only have one position open, and the three applicants ahead of you have masters degrees, so...."