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Toronto MathFin Has anyone heard from UofT MMF?

I know that they have approached some top-notch candidates convincing them to come. Besides that, no one has heard from them. I wouldn't be worried. Yet.


I received an email today for a group interview on Monday. I'm from UofT if that makes a difference.


Yes I'm going to the MMF offices, it is supposed to last two hours. In the past the group interview usually had about 4 students

I got a request for a phone interview Wednesday, I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. Anyone have some advice for this interview? From previous threads it seems phone interviews are not too long and questions can be candidate specific....anyone else here anything!?
The interview process is very different for GTA students than for other students. The candidates from toronto invited for an interview will be the subject of a 3-4 hours group interview with various probability/math/programming questions as well as a presentation on a given topic. The ones that are schedules for phone interviews will be asked basic questions and will be more qualitative than quantitative. Feel free to ask me any questions, i am currently studying there.

Also, I would like to add that this year, the process was a bit delayed. Answers should start coming out at the end of march.
Does anyone know the criteria determining the sequence of interview invitations? It seems that GTA students have been invited to their on campus group interviews since early March while those from other regions did not receive any notification until last week. Is it plausible that the admission committee send out interview invitations region by region?