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High Asian test scores



Many people, reading of the clear discrimination against Asians, become all righteous, thinking of those poor, hardworking Asians. Come to America, work hard, and look how the system screws them.

But that reaction ignores the stereotype.

The stereotype, delicately put: first and second generation Chinese, Korean, and Indian Americans, as well as nationals from these countries, often fail to embody the sterling academic credentials they include with their applications, and do not live up to the expectations these universities have for top tier students.

Less delicately put: They cheat. And when they don’t cheat, they game tests in a way utterly incomprehensible to the Western mind, leading to test scores with absolutely zero link to underlying ability. Or both. Or maybe it’s all cheating, and we just don’t know it. Either way, the resumes are functional fraud.
Wow, new stereotype of Asians I've never heard of. Learned something new. I don't see any data presented in the article tho. Just some opinion/news story by an anon with no credentials.


Market Crises= Gray Hair
I work with Asians. I think they are all wonderful. I think all of the people I work with are wonderful. Even when they're screaming at me, even when they screw up.

There's a simple way to test this hypothesis: look at the pass rate for PhD qualifying exams for Asians vs other students, after correcting for first year GPA.

I have other suspicions for what little gap may persist between the college admissions relative to test scores as well as the careers of white people and Asians: how tiger moms raise their kids. Keep the math, but less violin; more football, lacrosse, hockey, water polo, or some sort of team sport where people get a little beaten up.