How can I improve my profile?

Hi guys I'm a third-year student who is set to graduate in July. I would like to know 1) How good my profile is and 2) How I could improve my profile.

Nationality: UK
Course: Mathematics with finance and econ
Grade: 67% so far, a high 2:1 (so a 3.7 GPA in US terms if what I'm reading is correct)
Relevant modules: Differential equations, Linear algebra, probability and statistics, corporate finance, thesis on Quantum mechanics and differential equations.
Work Exp: Internship doing internal auditing at an insurance firm, and then the typical part-time retail job

Target schools: Warwick, Oxford, Imperial, Baruch
Cool, I go to UCL and have a couple friends who go to City. Are you gonna take a gap year and apply next year then?
Yes basically. I'm applying to some graduate roles currently and over the next year or two I'm going to work on projects to enhance my skillset so I become more competitive for masters applications.