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How can I make my application competitive?

currently pursuing an MA in Economics, by the time I apply, my CGPA realistically would be only 3.5-3.6 out of 4 because I've failed one subject (macroeconomics). The degree is fairly quantitative, I've taken python for a semester over the summer and I'll be taking machine learning, advanced econometrics and time series next semester. I had finance in undergrad. There are 2 issues,

a) very low cgpa in undergrad, and now i've somehow f***ed up my masters grades. I'll be retaking the subject but It'll be in the spring semester, so well past the application assessment.
b) I literally have no experience, I'm taking the summer to learn C++ so I wont be doing any internship now either.

I've had mental health issues and I've only started to get things in order so I'm also a bit older, I understand The only thing I have on my side is time, I have 7 months left in this year. But I know theyre going to be enough, I intend to use them properly. I just need some direction.