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How desirable are those with MS in Physics for developer roles?

I'm currently employed for a tech company as an engineer, but am interested in applying for quant developer roles for hedge funds, prop trading shops, etc. I've used C++ in this job

Anyone know how desirable are Physics MS grads with a few years work experience in tech for quant developer roles in finance? I'd imagine they would be at a disadvantage compared to those with MS in Financial Engineering or PhDs

But with the current pandemic, I'd imagine there's now way more applicants and way fewer jobs than before the pandemic. So I was thinking maybe I'm better off waiting until things get better? Or should I just apply now anyways?
I worked on computational physics using C++. I took alot of applied math courses as an undergrad and probably remember most of them, and have self-studied machine learning. I only took a couple grad-level math courses, but forgot nearly everything from those