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how difficult it would be to get into top 5 MFE programs.? need advice..!!

How realistic it is for me to get in to top 5 programs?

  • Not at all

    Votes: 8 50.0%
  • Yes it is achievable

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currently I am a grad student in MSF course at UIC in Chicago. I had my undergrad in civil engineering and which was not at all quantitative and I have nearly no experience in computer programming other than few course that I took of python and r. I am appearing for FRM level 1 in this October and level 2 in may 2021. After graduating from my MSF course I am planning to work few years before applying to any program and also take c++ courses of the quantnet.

MSF expected GPA 3.5
GRE Q:163,V:154 (will appear again if needed)
No relevant work experince in finance or any quantitative field
How realistic it is for me to get in to top 5 programs?
If it is realistic what are things I should prepare my self with before applying to any MFE programs.?

Much appreciated.!!
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