How do I get into a financial engineering Master’s program with a weak mathematical background?


1. My background

I have a very strong computer science background but a very weak mathematical background, and an average GRE quant score. I want to do a masters in financial engineering but fear that my lacking mathematical background will be an issue.

2. My Question

Is it possible for me to get into a financial engineering master’s program when I have a weak mathematical background (I live in NY and want to study in NY)? If so, where should I apply? If not, then what should be my strategy in order to pursue this goal?

With this background the changes are close to 0. Enroll into the math program at a school where you would be interested in doing the MFE.
If you are worried about your mathematic skills, I suggest you could take a look at Prof. dstefan 's book "A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering". If you have no big trouble on reading the materials and finishing the quiz, I think you will be OK for your math.

If you are purely worried about your "background", which means you are worried about you don't have a mathematic degree or so. There is no need to do that. Try you best to get a high quantitative score in GRE(even take a GRE mathematics subject) and explain everything in your personal statement. The admission officer will have a fair evaluation.