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MIT MFin How do I shore up weaknesses in my profile?


New Member
Hi all,

I'm currently an undergrad in my final year (University of London) and on track for a First Class Honors grade in Banking and Finance. Due to the way my course was structured and my aimlessness during the first 2 years of university, I only have the basic modules in Math/Stats. Didn't do great in them as well. Furthermore my grades then were pretty dismal until I found my own motivation. Thank God it's now exponentially better! Also since it's my final year I can't take any more math mods to show that I can do the quant stuff.

I do however have an A in Econometrics and after this year probably an A as well in both Quantitative Finance and Investment Management. Both my professors in QF and Econometrics are also willing to provide me the necessary recommendation letters. What I want to ask is does all this send a strong enough signal of my quant side for me to get into a top tier MFin program? I was setting my eyes on MIT MFin, though it seems like a lofty goal. I do understand however MIT's program is marketed differently and not really leaning towards quants.

After my exams next year I do intend to take the Quantnet C++ online course as well as scoring for the GMAT/GRE to try and make up for weaknesses. I do have a job lined up for me after I graduate, working in a local Asian bank (CIMB). Hopefully it can be in some related field that will improve my chances.

I would take additional math courses but there aren't any part time courses I can take over here. The best I could find is a 1 year full time graduate diploma in Mathematics. Will a good quant grade in GRE/GMAT be enough to reassure the admissions that I have the necessary capabilities? I am pretty confident of scoring well for them. Or do I have to take the GRE Math subject test though MIT MFin do not accept them from what I gather so far?

Really all help will be greatly appreciated! I am pretty confused right now as to how I can improve on my profile without doing the full time diploma.