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Princeton MFin how hard it is to get into Princeton MFE



I just want to know from anyone who is already in princeton program.

How hard it is to get into the program?
What's the people profile around you look like?

Any other schools accepting GMAT?
from what i've read around, even elites with 4.0/4.0 GPA have problems getting in even after multiple appeals.

Because the numbers are so few, I doubt you can find any princeton students around here to answer your question.


Market Crises= Gray Hair
Princeton only has about 20-40 students per class. It's a fairly small program and they post resumes of current students under "Guide for Recruiters".

There are a lot of different backgrounds of students who get admitted:

1.) Stats gods from Polytechnique/Tsinghua/Peking University.
2.) Experienced bank employees.
3.) STEM Undergrads from American universities. As a rough threshhold, if you are in a top 10-20 program and did ~1.5-2 sigmas above the median for your class, you are probably a strong candidate.

There's not a whole lot of information on the admission process. This isn't like an HBS MBA where dozens of people rotate in and out of the admissions process on a bi-annual basis. The BCF director, MFin program head, and head of corporate relations are all involved. The Dean of the Graduate school is also involved in the process. There are also a few professors who are involved in the adcom. As you can see, few people rotate in and out on a yearly basis and then go off to write books.

But we also make the profiles of admitted students public. (Again, go to the BCF website and click "Guide for Recruiters")

General advice for the things partly under your control if you are applying NEXT year:

1.) A front-office banking internship, or front office banking experience really helps.
2.) If you are still in college, your undergraduate GPA will always follow you and affect grad school decisions. Don't slack off your senior year!
3.) Every Princeton MFin student has excellent English communication skills.
4.) Be an interesting person. Princeton likes interesting people- develop a hobby, like running marathons, surfing, skydiving- something to make yourself a bit interesting. This will also help with a B-school application.