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How likely is it to go for a Finance PhD after several years of work experience?

Greetings guys!
I wonder how likely it is to apply for a Ph.D in finance (or related subjects) after working as a quant or trader for several years?
I am in my senior year as an undergraduate, and currently I have a master program admission, which is very likely to lead me to the industry after graduation.
but somehow I still have the passion for a Ph.D, so please could anyone shed some light on this?
Thanks so much!
I wouldn't say it's impossible but it may be harder, especially for top programs. Two key components of a PhD application are research experience and letters of recommendation (that are about how great a researcher you are/will be). If you worked for someone with a PhD that could write you a letter and/or kept in contact with a professor from your masters then you would probably be okay.

I would stress that you start now or early in your masters getting research experience and building relationships with professors. Talk to the professor in charge of finance PhD admissions at your university and say that you are interested in a PhD after a few years of work, in his opinion want should I do? Ask for advice, etc.
It should take some time initially to gain some research experience. It'd be fine also if you could get some professor assistance job that probably increases the probability of receiving a recommendation you want. The important thing in this side is to collect a reasonable amount of research papers you have written to prove your research ability.