How to be a quant with BS Economics?

I have just entered university (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee) for their newly started BS-MS Economics (I plan to leave after 4 years of BS). Over the past one year I am quite interested in studying finance and would definitely love to make a career in the field. I am actually torn up between investment banking and quant finance. I am highly interested in mathematics, statistics, programming and management. One of the key reasons I am attending my current university is that it's the oldest engineering institute in Asia and hence all its courses are designed like engineering ones. I have over 3 semesters of mathematics as well as at least 2 semesters of programming. The course also focuses on econometrics and financial economics during later years. I want to know the following:
a) Would it be difficult to get admitted to computational finance/financial engineering courses in Europe or US due to my economics background?
b) How should I start preparing for entrance exams alongside college? (As in which online course can provide guidance from the very basics)
c) What programming language should I focus on? My college teaches us C/C++, Python, R and Matlab. I personally am quite comfortable using Python has I have already learnt quite a bit during high school and I am currently learning R for data science applications.
d) Will undergraduate Economics limit my career prospects (independent of or with a decent masters) as a quant?
Any advice would be highly appreciated!


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I would suggest completing the five-year course and applying for fall internships in the UK, and Europe, during your final year.
You can start working here in India if you did not get a good quant role in Europe or the UK, Singapore, etc. directly out of college.

Answers to your questions:
a) Not at all, you will be getting interviews easily, just don't mess them up. Personally, I will never suggest Europe for MFE. USA only!

b) Which entrance exams are you referring to here?

c) Python and C++, not sure about R, I believe that Python is the most widely used language. (There was only one Asset Management firm, I interviewed for, that was stuck at R since their legacy code was developed in R, and they were shifting to Python.)
C++ is key if you wish to work in an HFT. I would suggest that you keep getting better at C++ and Python both.

d) Not at all. You're not just an Economics student, you are studying Econometrics at an engineering college. Don't worry about barriers to entry for quant roles and quant masters, you won't be facing any. Make sure you keep your grades strong!!