How to be a quant with BS Economics?

I have just entered university (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee) for their newly started BS-MS Economics (I plan to leave after 4 years of BS). Over the past one year I am quite interested in studying finance and would definitely love to make a career in the field. I am actually torn up between investment banking and quant finance. I am highly interested in mathematics, statistics, programming and management. One of the key reasons I am attending my current university is that it's the oldest engineering institute in Asia and hence all its courses are designed like engineering ones. I have over 3 semesters of mathematics as well as at least 2 semesters of programming. The course also focuses on econometrics and financial economics during later years. I want to know the following:
a) Would it be difficult to get admitted to computational finance/financial engineering courses in Europe or US due to my economics background?
b) How should I start preparing for entrance exams alongside college? (As in which online course can provide guidance from the very basics)
c) What programming language should I focus on? My college teaches us C/C++, Python, R and Matlab. I personally am quite comfortable using Python has I have already learnt quite a bit during high school and I am currently learning R for data science applications.
d) Will undergraduate Economics limit my career prospects (independent of or with a decent masters) as a quant?
Any advice would be highly appreciated!


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