How to calculate Jaw value of "Alligator Indicator" by daily OHLC data?

For personal technical analysis purposes, I try to figure out how to calculate the Jaw(/Teeth/Lips) value of the Alligator Indicator by daily OHLC prices. But I just can not get the correct Jaw value by the definition I found.

I have input:
1) the daily stock OHLC prices of 0050.TW;
2) SMMA's definition and formula;
3) Alligator indicator's definition and formula;
4) my (incorrect) calculation results by both of Close price and Median price;
5) the actual (correct) Jaw value (comes from the securities software)
in the attached Excel file.

Would you please show me what is the correct way to calculate the daily Jaw value?

Really appreciate your help.


  • Question of SMMA calculation_2022.1.2.xlsx
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