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How to invest another year ?

I have a Bachelor in Economics and Management and I graduated in July 2019. I have been working in Market Risk for an investment bank for 6 months and I have programming experience mainly through courses ( the C++ one and Coursera ) and at work ( mostly VBA and SQL ). I am currently taking different courses of Linear Algebra, Probability and PDE and I have applied for 5 top US Financial Engineering programs. There are concrete chances that I will NOT be offered admission and so I might take another year and then apply again to enter one of these programs.
My question is, how should I spend this year ? 2 years of working experience away from university does not seem good to me ( considering that risk is not the field I would like to work in post-master ), so I will for sure take other courses about Machine Learning, Advanced C++ etc. There are definitely a lot of stuff I could add to my CV while working for another year. Btw, I wonder if a Part-time master or a Graduate Certificate or a Pre-program like the one by Baruch college or the online one by Berkeley wouldn't be better for my CV. I am located in Budapest but I am willing to move to find something. Do you have any advice for me about how I could invest this year? or do you think that Udacity Machine Learning and Advanced C++ etc would be enough ( academically speaking ) to get admission? I was actually thinking also about quitting my job and take a full-time master of one year in Mathematics, but this might be too extreme. I'm 22 and I have different options and I am open to any advice


Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
Learning more hard (applied) maths does no harm I would say. And lots of hands-on doing maths.
Advanced C++, is that the Baruch course you are referring to?
Yes, that one. I agree about learning math etc but what I am asking is whether online courses is the smartest way of doing it, instead of some graduate certificate or whatever. Also, if someone has any specific certificate/pre-program to suggest, given also I am located in Europe.