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How to keep abreast of the market and financial knowledge

Dear All

I am a current MFE student in NYC, and I have CFA experience. I went for an interview in a hedge fund, they asked me a lot of CFA questions, and question regarding previous course (undergraduate courses such as probability and stochastic process, economics, options, corporate finance, accounting and so on). I didn't do it well because I forget some I learnt through CFA (no relevant work, so it is hard to remember). I am wondering if there is any tips to keep abreast of that knowledge?

I am trying to keep abreast of the financial market (just started recently), but it was just happening and I can only catch those headlines news. Not sure what you guys did to keep abreast of it. I am aiming for a quantitative strategies position in NYC or fixed income position in Asia Pacific, any advice? I know for equity position you should follow somes stocks (at least), so what's the relevant suggestion for Fixed income, Currency, Commodities?

Subscribe to the WSJ/FT/Barrons, read seekingalpha/motleyfool, watch CNBC/Bloomberg TV etc

If you can get your hands on it, Boom Doom and Gloom is a fun read as well.
I second WSJ/FT/Barrons.

In addition I highly recommend The Economist; definitely read it every week. My world knowledge has improved immeasurably since becoming a reader. I recommend getting a subscription so that you get access to the "audio book" version which is recorded every week---a great accompaniment to exercise.

As far as blogs go FT Alphaville is awesome, the writers aren't afraid of technicality. Their coverage of the whole Iksil "London Whale" incident was excellent. I keep ZeroHedge on my RSS list for a bit of humour; although they do highlight some interesting market events that don't seem to be covered elsewhere.