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HYP Econ Undergrad -> IB -> Quant Career Change?

Hi everyone,

Quite stressed out, and would love advice from people who have a better understanding of the quant landscape.

As to spare you all a wall of text, I'll just bullet my situation below:
  • Graduated with a ~4.0 in Econ from HYP this past year, taken a bit of math and CS (exhaustive list: discrete, linear, diff eq, multivar calc, intro to CS, some quanty econ courses).
  • I've always had strong aptitude in math/logic/etc., but as you can tell I didn't develop it through coursework that much in college.
  • Got a job at a top IB (in investment banking division), making ~200k now and comp trajectory would be good if I stayed in the field
  • Realizing now that I do not see myself in IB/related fields long-term primarily because the hours aren't worth it for me, and I don't feel like I'm building meaningful skills in this career.
  • Want to know what my options are to transition to a career in quant (would I potentially get into top MFEs? is that the best way to go?)
  • What would career outlook look like for someone like me if I took the necessary steps? Will I forever be disadvantaged for not studying STEM in undergrad/never be able to make it to top shops?
I mention my school pedigree/GPA not to imply that firms will care, but to add more context in case it is conducive to an easier career change.

Really upset with myself for not being more self-reflective in college, but that's life, and I want to do the best thing for myself moving forward with the most information.

Thank you for any and all advice.
I think you would easily be a top candidate for many of the top programs. Use some of that IB salary to do the C++/Python courses here on QuantNet and try and take a calculus-based probability course and a mathematical statistics course. In your admissions statements focus on why you want to transition into quant finance and show that you are well-researched on what you want to do and are making an informed decision.
Your credentials definitely fit in for many top programs, and your coursework fulfills most if not all of the prerequisites so I wouldn’t worry about that.

I come from a similar background. I studied finance/econ and worked in s&t and had to take linear algebra and ODE through a community college while I was working. That got me into a few top programs. I’d highly rec doing to C++ certificate to get your programming up to par. Helped me tremendously in my applications and the coursework I’m taking now.