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I am an undergraduate senior graduating in May and still do not have a job.


I am an undergraduate senior with interest in finance (risk management, quantitative analysis, and structuring roles).

I have been very actively looking for jobs.. without much success.

I have had many final round interviews with banks, funds, fin techs firms, etc., but I have not had a job offer yet.

Now that I am graduating in four weeks, I am very anxious and cannot focus on studying.

Fortunately, I have a green card, so I do not have to leave the country after I graduate. Right now, I am based in NYC.

My family lives in Atlanta. It seems like the best choice for me is to stay in NYC (instead of going back to Atlanta), work part-time (at a restaurant, supermarket, or something), get a tiny room in Queens or some cheap area, and keep looking for full-time roles. What do you guys think? Going to grad school is not an option, because my family cannot support me financially and, in fact, I have to support them in a few years because my parents would not be able to work due to their physical conditions.

Does anyone have advice please??