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if the career target is to be a trader, MS in FE or MS in Finance?

Happy new year to everyone!

If the career objective is to be a trader, which degree would be more helpful between these two? Any inputs would be highly appreciated.
the assumtption here is that the courses of MS in finace are similar to CFA and everybody knows the course structure of MS in financial engineering.
A degree in basket weaving from Harvard.

MFE will help if you want to be a trader for complex products, but it typically places you into quant roles, not necessarily trading roles.

Princeton's MFin will give you a good shot at being a trader. Tulane is solid for energy and general S&T. Some of the other programs will give you a chance at getting into the interview process for trading if you focus on this. None are a slam dunk.

Networking and an top undergraduate institution are your best shot.


Older and Wiser
Trading what?

You don't need any degree. It will be better to save your time and money and start trading your own money and grow it. People will be coming to you if you are any good (or lucky enough).
i think the name of the program is far less important than the content of it, the name brand of the school, and the number and quality of employers who seek out graduates
in principal i would say MS in FE is what you want, assuming MS in Finance has more of a corporate finance feel (more relevant for i-banking), though a lot of MS in Finance programs are in reality quite similar to MS in FE
I think that school brand name is much more important than any particular degree name. the companies tend to hire from the same schools every year and the university name has a huge impact on the hiring.