IIT MSF Advice


I'm in the process of applying to universities for Ms F and MFE programs. I've gotten an admit at IIT Ms F for spring 2021. I've seen threads here that date back to almost 10 years ago discussing about IIT's Ms F program. So I'd like to know what is the scenario now since a lot of schools are offering Ms F. Also, US news or QS doesn't seem to rank IIT's Ms F program that high but financial times for the year '16, '17 and'18 ranked it among the top 50 programs in the world.
First things first what attracted me to applying to this univ was the diverse number of tracks available to specialize in. No other course is as diverse. I want to make a career in risk management (credit/market) but also want to keep my options open with regards to trading and other career options and this course allows me to do that. Second, most of the other programs wrap up their course in 12 months whereas here it's for 24 months giving me enough time to hunt for internships and Job. And third, I've interacted with it's alumni and everyone had a strong positive respons with regards to the course and a mixed response for the School, some of them are back to their home country and working in good Jobs and some are in the States working with big banks and multinationals.

So, If there is anyone here who would like to throw any inputs for the Ms F course or IIT, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to know how IIT's Ms F course compares to UIUS's Ms F course or CUNY Zicklin's Ms F course. I couldn't find as strong an alum base of UIUC on Linkedin.

About me, I'm a CS Engineer from Mumbai, India passed out in 2018 from a good university but with not so decent grades. I've been working with India's leading commodity derivatives stock exchange for the last 2+ years now.