Imperial College RMFE (Risk Management and Financial Engineering) 2019


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Hey !

Imperial will release their decisions by the 22nd of Feb. Just wanted to create a thread for those who have applied. Post any questions and queries here.
Furthermore, please provide a small amount of info about your background (undergraduate education, professional experience, GPA(if you want), and when you applied) so that we can get familiarised with each other over the coming weeks as we build up to the admission release dates.

Look forward to hearing from you guys ! Good luck !
Applied in the first round as well.

Undergrad in Finance from Southeast Asia, GPA 3.9/4.0, Interned at a big quant firm. Intermediate in Python. Some knowledge in C++, MATLAB.

I got an email yesterday that they are postponing the decision date to 1 March due too large amount of applicants. That's a bummer.