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Imperial RMFE vs UCL Computational Finance

Hi, I am an international student coming from Economics & Operational Research background. I have received an offer from Imperial RMFE and hopefully will receive an offer from UCL Computational Finance. I struggling to choose between two. I feel quant jobs are more interesting for me rather than risk management, asset management etc. (in general, I prefer something quite technical). In that sense, I am more leaning towards UCL Computational Finance since it is offered in Computer science department and emphasizes more programming part (which will be very beneficial from me as I am coming from Econ background). On the other hand, although Imperial risk management & financial engineering is also technical program, it is offered by business school and according to employment reports only a tiny percent of graduates actually end up in quant positions, most end up in risk management and consulting roles. Since I am international student, I do care about brand name of the institutions hence I prefer Imperial in terms of international recognition. The costs are almost the same. Another issue is, Imperial Business school as an excellent career service and 90%+ placements rates are reported whereas I am note sure about UCL (they don't publish employment report, according to my linkedin research, it is not very good in fact). I appreciate any comments. Thanks
As you and @David Liam have the exact same background with the exact same issues, perhaps you two can connect and discuss.

I'm not going to comment on comparing both programs, because I didn't do a deep dive into UCL's program (prolly should've applied, oops) The only thing I am going to say is, you can tailor Imperial's program to be more FE than RM.