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Instructions on Homework Submission


Baruch MFE Faculty
We have created a system for the students to securely submit the homework assignments to their TA. A DROPBOX section has been created for this purpose. To submit your HW, please follow these steps
  • Go to the DROPBOX section
  • Create one new thread for the HW assignment on each level. You should name your thread something like “Level 1 HW from Will Smith”, using your real name (and not the Quantnet username). Your TA will answer your questions in these specific threads. Please use this DROPBOX for HW submission only. Questions about specific exercises should be posted on the public forum corresponding to the Level in question.
  • Important: On the Thread Prefix dropdown, select the name of your TA among the available prefixes of all TA. This will allow your TA to quickly identify, search and correspond to your submission.
  • No other students will see your HW threads. You also can't see other students’ threads. This is to ensure only your TA and you can correspond securely.
  • Once you create a thread in the DROPBOX section with a prefix of your TA, please use the Watch Thread option with "and receive email notifications".
    This will ensure that you get an email when your TA responds to your HW submission and/or answer your question. If you do not check Quantnet daily, this would be the perfect way to keep track of relevant communication.
  • Style/Format Guide
    To facilitate your TA’s prompt grading and response (and help your career in the long term), please submit/upload your homework in the pdf format. The file can be either created via your favorite typesetting software (such as LaTeX) or a scanned copy of your handwritten homework solutions. If you use the latter, please make sure your handwriting is legible. Unlike with quizzes in each section, you have to provide clear and detailed (steps to) solutions for the exercises in the homework (not just final numerical values and/or analytical formulas). Your homework pdf submission must contain your real first and last name AND your Quantnet username.
Your TA will grade your homework promptly and, after assigning your homework grade, will upload (in the same thread) the pdf file of your solutions with grading comments/suggestions/ideas on how to improve in the future (if necessary).

Please keep in mind that this style/format guide is the preference for this course, and is based on years of teaching experience. Failure to comply with these general rules may affect your grade.

Academic honesty is taken very seriously in all our endeavors. Please, read https://quantnet.com/threads/important-academic-integrity-policy.34528/