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Integrating R and Excel


I have been thinking that I would like to integrate R and Excel so that I could basically use Excel as a GUI for R. It would be nice to have the hardcore statistical analysis done in R and then use this data to update an Excel spreadsheet.

There was a package called RExcel that could do this but it has recently been removed from the CRAN database.

I have also found packages that can output data from R into an Excel file but really I would like to have Excel open and the results calculated using R to appear in certain cells.

Is there anyone out there that might have an older version of RExcel that they managed to obtain before it was removed or know of another way that this might be possible?

Hi! Thanks! I think that is just what I am looking for. I have downloaded it and installed it. Now the only issue I am having is with running rcom. I am getting the error message:

Error: package ‘rcom’ was built before R 3.0.0: please re-install it

Apparently this could mean that rcom is installed in the wrong library (it's not) or that a more up-to-date mirror is required. Out of interest which version of R are you running?


Older and Wiser
I haven't tried the latest version. What I did is to install RandFriends. That's the R version that site prepackaged. I think it's version 2.15.2