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Interested in Trading simulation at Subotnick Center?

I'm reading through the old thread about IB contest and that our Subnotnick Center has a lot of resources that we can take advantage of.

I'm gathering interests so that we can have a session with Prof. Holowczak. I think if we can get about 20 people to signed up it'll be enough.

Please reply if you're interested.

I would love to participate again so long as it doesn't conflict with my schedule... last time, I attended the fixed income simulation and it was a great learning experience.
Do people have any preferences? I'll send an email to Prof. H to ask about his availability. I'd prefer to have this in the evening so that those of us full-time workers can participate...but all this depends on his schedule.
Count me in too..Timings should be such that it doesn't conflict with our classes....may be friday evenings should be worked out.
If you guys/girls want to organize a simulated trading session, just take a look at our calendar for the Subotnick Center and let Professor Holowczak a time/date and either Richard or I can run the session.

Also, don't forget that the 'developmental classroom' and the 'seminar room' are different from the 'trading floor,' which is where the event will take place. Just to make things interesting, I think there should be a prize for the top trader :)